• Play Safe!

    Recognizing the signs of problem gambling

  • Gambling Myths

    Some myths and misconceptions about gambling

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Play Safe!

Gambling or betting essentially involves putting your money, valuables or assets at risk on the outcome of any game, match, contest, etc. One website to check out for tips is https://www.punterslounge.com/ Usually, the outcome of the game or event is uncertain and is dependent on chance.

Many people gamble just for fun. You may play Bingo, bet on some sporting event or indulge in a bit of video lottery. These are just for recreation and may not really have any adverse consequences. These activities are commonly regarded as “social gambling”.

However, for some people, gambling may become an uncontrollable problem and slowly turn into an addiction. Such kind of gambling can result in the destruction of families, relationships, friendships, finances and even life.

Recognizing the signs of problem gambling

Problem gambling is when it causes family, emotional, financial, legal and other problems for the person who is gambling and the people around them.  The first step against problem gambling is to recognize which gambling behaviors are safe and which are warning signals of a probable problem.

Knowing the signs

You are playing safe if you:

  • Play only for fun and entertainment and not for monetary gains.
  • Only gamble with the money that you have earmarked for entertainment purposes.
  • Balance gambling or betting with other activities.
  • Appreciate the fact that all gamblers incur losses over time.

You may want to slow down if you:

  • Begin betting and gambling more and more amounts of money.
  • Become preoccupied with gambling gradually.
  • Spend more time on gambling and betting.
  • Try to make up your losses by playing repeatedly.

Stop and get help if you:

  • Begin betting and gambling more than you can afford.
  • Use gambling as a means of escape from your problems and worries.
  • Neglect family, friends and work.
  • Try and chase your losses continuously.

Tips for safe gambling

When you gamble responsibly, it can be quite enjoyable and a source of entertainment. But you never know when your gambling can become an addiction and turn into a problem even without you realizing it.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe and keep your gambling in control and fun.

  • Make sure that when you set out for a spot of gambling or betting, you set a limit on the money and time you will spend.
  • Play only for money and not with the motive of making more money.
  • Place safe bets and limit the bets to the amount that you know you can afford to forgo.
  • Knowing more is not always a failsafe means that can guarantee your winning.
  • Never gamble to escape any situation or stress.
  • Always know what kind of betting or gambling is legal.
  • Never chase what you have lost, be aware and quit when you have to.
  • You must understand that over time, everyone loses when gambling.
  • Don’t gamble using the money that you have saved. Only spend the money set aside for entertainment.
  • Never gamble on borrowed money.
  • Don’t mix your gambling with alcohol and any other substances.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between your recreational gambling or betting with other activities.
  • If you are in trouble or if you feel that you are becoming addicted to gambling, reach out for help.


Some myths and misconceptions about gambling!

Myth: “I can eventually win back all the money that I lose, if I keep gambling.”

Reality:Every time you gamble or place a bet, the odds are reset, so what occurred in the past will not impact the outcome of your next game. Keep in mind that everyone loses money over time and it is a bad idea to keep gambling to get your money back. This behavior is termed as “chasing your losses” and is not a healthy sign.

Myth: “I am generally lucky, so I will be lucky in gambling too.”

Reality:Eventually, gambling and betting are based on chance unlike other games that need skill. The probability of payout supports the gaming industry always.   

Myth: “I will have a better chance of winning if I know more about the game.”

Reality:While it is true that some kinds of gambling games need skill, but knowing more about the game does not guarantee wins all the time. Gambling is still all about chance and the odds favor the house always.

Myth: “I am a very responsible person; I can never be addicted to betting or gambling.”

Reality:You can develop a problem with gambling anytime. However, by following the safe gambling tips, you can reduce the chances of become addicted to it.

Myth:“People who have a gambling addiction must gamble every day.”

Reality:Even if you don’t gamble every day, you could be a problem gambler. If your gambling habit causes any financial, family, emotional, legal or other troubles, then you have a problem and requires help.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that despite having responsible gambling tips for guidance, some people can still get addicted to gambling. For such people, the only kind of “safe gambling” is “no gambling at all”.